Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, North Texas, East Texas
601 S.E. 30th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73129
United States
Phone: 800-522-8070
Fax: 405-634-7400
Grant Skinner

Richard Dixon and Mark Day founded OPECo, Inc., in 1985 with a small warehouse in the midst of a tremendous downturn in the Oil & Gas industry. But the company persevered, adhering to its motto, “grow or die,” and today its team is spread across eight locations in five states. OPECo provides professional sales staff and strategically located stocking sites for major New York Stock Exchange and quality privately held corporations. “Our employees are motivated, talented and definitely our most valuable asset,” says Dixon.

Catering to the industrial, mid-stream, pipeline, production and drilling sectors of the energy industry, the partners’ passion for their work and dedication to customer service ensures the success of their business. Says Day: “We’re fortunate enough to be a part of building a brighter energy industry in the United States.”